Our Studio In Numbers


Number of students that have attended our classes since 2015. 


New metalsmithing workbenches.


Soldering stations. 


Electroplating station that doubles as a polishing station.


Workbenches designed specifically for left-handed students. 


Our workbench rental. Fee is inclusive of all tools and consumables. Silver may be bought at the studio for PhP45.00 per gram. Other metals such as brass and gold are also available.



Studio History

For us, Janina Arias and Patricia Peralta, establishing Studio 925 has been a shared dream of creating a space where we could help broaden the horizons of silversmithing in the Philippines, as well as the continuation of both our families’ legacies in the art of jewellery.

Our profound passion for jewellery stems from our roots– Janina is a fifth-generation member of a family of jewellers and metalsmiths, and Patricia belongs to a family of expert jewellery appraisers– and the love and appreciation for the craft had us both trying our hands in it since childhood. We decided to forge our own path in jewellery making by turning what had been our shared hobby into an actual business, and in 2010 our handcrafted accessories line, Soul Flower, was born.

Our little enterprise grew steadily from the warm reception we received from our customers at craft fairs. We were continuously inspired to try new crafting techniques and work with different materials, discovering new ways to express our passion for handcrafted jewellery while acquiring more skills, and soon we expanded our existing line to include handmade leatherware. In the pursuit of further honing our craft, we realised that the next step in our brand’s evolution was to build skills in a finer medium. In 2014, Janina travelled abroad to undergo professional training in silversmithing.

In the months that followed Janina’s foray into silversmithing, we recognised that this craft we had learned to love was something that we would like to share with more people. Our dream of establishing our own silversmithing studio grew more urgent by the day and it was not long before we decided to seize the opportunity to open our own workshop space. Envisioning a space where aspiring metalsmiths and jewellery designers could come together and learn new crafting techniques to make their own artisanal jewellery, we set about preparing to build our very own brick-and-mortar workshop. Studio 925 finally opened its doors in June 2015, becoming the first silversmithing studio of its kind in the Philippines. With our number of students increasing and our community of crafters and artisans growing larger, we are infinitely pleased to see how sharing our dream has allowed it to grow all the more real each day.


Established in 2015 by Janina Arias and Patricia Peralta, Studio 925 received a warm welcome from the Philippines’ growing local community of designers, hobbyists and aspiring metalsmiths. In just two years, over 200 private silversmithing classes were conducted and it then saw the need to grow into a bigger workspace to accommodate more students.

The brand new Studio 925 features 8 new metalsmithing workbenches, 4 soldering stations, and 1 electroplating station that doubles as a polishing station. Resident metalsmith and instructor Janina Arias teamed up with Dubai-based interior designer Daryl Garza and an established furniture maker to come up with a studio set up that will maximize efficient workflow without compromising style.

The main goal is to bring the best learning experience to all aspiring metalsmiths and one perfect example of that is one workbench designed specifically for left-handed students. This is to ensure a safe and reliable environment so students can focus on learning the techniques and strengthening their skills.



Second Level, Building No. 22

Malingap Street, Teacher’s Village West

Diliman, Quezon City 1101


Mon – Fri | 9AM – 5PM

Sat – Sun | 9AM – 6PM

Classes: Wed - Sun only


Email: studio925ph@gmail.com

Mobile: +63 977 805 28 06

Landline: +32 745 54 82