Intermediate 4: Filigree

Wire filigree has been used as a basic form of decoration on metal from earliest times in many cultures. In this course, students will get to level up their wirework skills and learn how to make four silver filigree pieces from scratch using modern methods.

Project 1 - Filigree ring

Project 2 - Filigree pendant with cabochon

Project 3 - Filigree domed earrings

Project 4 - Filigree bangle with hinge


13 full day sessions; 6 hours per session


Wednesdays to Sundays | 10am - 5pm

Please fill out registration form below to reserve a workbench on your preferred dates.

Registration Fee: PhP22,000 or PhP1,692.30 per session

Registration fee is inclusive of 10 grams of silver each for projects 1, 2 and 3, and 20 grams of silver for project 4. If silver consumed is over the allotted weight, students can buy the extra silver at the studio for PhP45 per gram.

*50% down payment for reservations

**BPI, BDO, PayPal or cheque

*Intermediate Three: Piercing is a prerequisite.