DIY Wedding Rings

Yup, you read it right – you can make your own wedding rings! Imagine shaping with your own hands the very objects that are to be the ultimate symbols of your bond. Drop by our studio for a unique experience that can make your marriage tokens more personal and special. Within a few hours, you’ll be guided through the basics of silversmithing which will allow you to craft your own simple wedding rings.

All classes under Studio 925 were designed and written for instruction by Janina Arias.


Further services available:


Dip your handmade rings in yellow gold, white gold or rose gold. Additional fees will vary depending on the type of gold.  


Have a word or a short phrase included in your handmade rings for a personal touch.



2 wedding rings



925 sterling silver

18k yellow gold

14k yellow gold



  1. Introduction to tools and equipment

  2. Measurements

  3. Annealing

  4. Hammering

  5. Soldering

  6. Pickling

  7. Filing

  8. Sanding

  9. Oxidizing/Polishing



4 hours



Fees will vary depending on the material to be used for the rings. 

- 925 sterling silver ~ PhP 8,000, for 2 pax & inclusive of materials

- 18k yellow gold ~ PhP 10,000, for 2 pax (exclusive of materials)

- 14k yellow gold ~ PhP 10,000, for 2 pax (exclusive of materials)


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Smooth Round Ring EDITED SQ.png
Smooth Square Ring M 2 EDITED SQ.png
Thick Hammered Ring EDITED SQ.png
Thin Band F EDITED SQ.png
Thin Hammered Ring EDITED SQ.png