Our Instructors


Janina Arias

Metalsmithing Instructor & Co-Founder


Janina Arias has four years of experience as a metalsmithing instructor at Soulflower, Co. and Studio 925. She is a fifth-generation jeweler who developed most of her knowledge of the jewelry industry through first-hand experience - from helping run the family-owned gallery of antique jewelry and reproductions, to finally training professionally as a metalsmith abroad in early 2014. A year after finishing her training, she built the country’s very first silversmithing studio with her business partner Patricia Peralta with the goal of making hands-on metalsmithing trainings more accessible to Filipinos. Since then, she has had over 800 students.


Mai Evangelista

Metalsmithing Instructor


Mai Evangelista is the owner and prolific tinkerer at Fake Alchemy - a brand offering unique trinkets using crystals, gems, and metals; and homeware pieces made of marbled concrete and glass. She started her metalsmithing journey in 2015 at Studio 925 and never stopped making since then. She now has two years of experience as a metalsmithing instructor.

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Kris Ian Carlos

Apprentice and Basic Silversmithing Instructor

Kris Ian Carlos is owner and metalsmith at Thingamabobs Art Jewelry - a brand of sculptural pieces inspired by fairy tales and a little bit of gore. A graduate of Fine Arts, she discovered her talent for sculpting in a 3D Art class. Shortly after graduating, she taught basic sculpture to kids and in 2018 pursued her passion for making jewelry by learning silversmithing at Studio 925. She is now a full time metalsmith for her brand and is currently taking her apprenticeship at the studio.