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Intro to Silversmithing: Level 1

Imagine handcrafting your very own silver ring! Yup, we’ll guide you through basic silversmithing tools and techniques.

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Beginner’s Project-Based Class: Bangles

Make a set of 3 textured bangles entirely by hand out of sterling silver or brass!

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Beginner’s Project-Based Class: Hoop Earrings

Make a statement with these handmade hoop earrings! Craft your own pair out of sterling silver or brass at this project-based class.


Intro to Silversmithing: Level 2

Take your silversmithing skills a step further by learning how to mount a cabochon on a silver bezel setting.

Be sure to have taken Intro to Silversmithing: Level 1 before taking this class.

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Intro to Silversmithing: Level 3

Challenge yourself with a more elaborate design and create a stack of rings in under 4 hours! 

Levels 1 & 2 are prerequisites to this class.


Intermediate One: Wirework

Learn how to make modern geometric jewelry out of silver wires in our intermediate course designed for those who would like to further hone their skills in soldering.


Intermediate Two: Bezels & Detailing

Exploring various detailing techniques applied to bezel settings with an introduction to chasing, piercing and filigree making.


Intermediate Three: Piercing

Exploring other applications of piercing in silversmithing.


Intermediate Four: Filigree

Level up your wirework skills and learn how to make four silver filigree pieces from scratch.


Intermediate Five: Gemstone Setting

Students who have developed the essential skills in silversmithing and mastered making bezel settings for cabochons can now learn how to create mounts for brilliant cut gemstones.


DIY Wedding Rings

Drop by our studio for a unique experience that can make your marriage tokens more personal and special. Within a few hours, you’ll be guided through the basics of silversmithing which will allow you to craft your own simple wedding rings.